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Your Move to the Cloud Secured

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Top Questions

  1. Where I do find more information about security for DevOps teams?
    Watch the “Saying ‘Yes'" session, and also check out Evident, which helps embed security in your DevOps workflows. You can read more here.
  2. Where can I learn more about containers and container security?
    Check out the Container Security breakout session and the Gartner Container white paper.
  3. Can I try out your cloud security product?
    You can start using Evident for free today. Sign up here.
  4. We’re just in planning mode. Where can I learn more about the steps to take as we move to the cloud?
    Check out some of the breakout sessions below, or download the Cloud Security & Compliance For Dummies® book for some tips on how to start planning.

Dive Deeper into these Cloud Topics

Portable & Secure: Embracing Containers Without Fear

Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager of Container Security, Google
Adam Geller, SVP Cloud Products, Palo Alto Networks

Saying 'Yes' to Security Can Speed Application Development

Armon Dadgar, Founder and Co-CTO, HashiCorp

Compliance for Cloud: What Changes?

Aaron Wilson, Founder, ScaleSec

Evolving SecOps to Address Cloud Threats

Kenny Sigafoose, Cyber Security Technical Expert, Walmart Labs

CISO Perspective: The Changing Expectations for Network Security

Derek Vadala, Managing Director and CISO, Moody’s

Security Practitioner Perspective: The Changing Expectations for Network Security

Shankar Chandrasekhar, VP of Cyber Security Engineering, Moody’s

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