High-Performance, Intelligent, Centralized Management

The most innovative, advanced technology loses value if not managed effectively. The Panorama™ network security management 8.0 release introduces new capabilities that provide organizations with access to the richest, most comprehensive set of actionable data from the network, as well as from the endpoints secured by Palo Alto Networks® Traps™ advanced endpoint protection or third-party sources. Combined with complete network visibility and increased automation, organizations are able to streamline management workflows and focus on the issues that matter most.

Panorama network security management reduces network complexity by grouping devices in global, functional and geographical Device Groups, and allowing each level to inherit policies and configurations from its parents. Panorama also reduces the time threats linger on your network with actionable data, highlighting critical information for response prioritization. Leading automated threat correlation enables users to detect advanced threats that would otherwise go unnoticed, by connecting the dots between indicators of compromise (IoCs) across your entire network. 

Delivering Automation With PAN-OS 8.0 Logging Features

PAN-OS® 8.0 delivers a rich set of capabilities. Highlights:

  • Ingestion of Traps advanced endpoint protection logs into Panorama, so security administrators get more comprehensive and actionable insight into threats emerging from network traffic as well as endpoints.
  • Near-instant visibility into traffic usage and potential threat-related anomalies due to a completely re-architected query engine that accelerates query performance by orders of magnitude.
  • Automated prevention-oriented actions and associated workflows via an HTTP-based integration with various administrative tools, such as ticketing services or any system with a RESTful API, based on triggers from correlated insights or any other log event.
  • Filtering of logs to forward only relevant information that needs further analysis, reducing log forwarding bandwidth and data storage needs, as well as the amount of data that needs to be analyzed.
  • More flexibility in a multi-admin environment, by enabling individual admin-based commit and revert capability for rules independently.

Enhanced Change Management for Multi-Admin Teams

Organizations with multi-location, multi-tenancy environment including service providers, or simply a multi-admin environment, need more granular admin level controls and more efficient change management. With Panorama 8.0 network and security administrators can now view and commit individual config changes or choose a set of changes between various admins, without requiring to make all the changes at the same time or requiring a lot of coordination overhead between all the administrators. This gives the operational teams a lot of flexibility and delivers a drastic productivity improvement particularly in large multi-admin and multi-tenant environments.

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