Technology Integration With Palo Alto Networks

PAN-OS® 8.0 provides capabilities to better enable our tech partners to integrate with and take advantage of our Next-Generation Security Platform. These partnerships extend our platform with new log filtering and logging capabilities, SAML support and third-party threat intelligence integrations with the new MineMeld application for AutoFocus™ contextual threat intelligence service. 

Palo Alto Networks® partner ecosystem continues to grow, with 100+ partners with market-driven customer use cases and certified-built integrations. The latest additions include: 

  • Automation for simplified workflows between Palo Alto Networks devices, WildFire and AutoFocus services,  and the ServiceNow Security Operations tool.
  • MineMeld, now native to AutoFocus, automatically aggregates, correlates and drives prevention directly from third-party threat intelligence.
  • Contextual multi-factor authentication enabled with Okta® , Duo and Ping Identity® to neutralize credential theft.

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