Enabling the Safe Use of SaaS Applications

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are changing the way organizations do business. Despite being incredibly useful tools to drive productivity, they pose high levels of risk. 

PAN-OS® 8.0 introduces several new capabilities helping our customers gain unprecedented levels of SaaS visibility and control based on users, content and applications. Aperture™ SaaS security service, a key component of our platform for securing sanctioned SaaS applications, is now available globally with the launch of new data centers in Europe and Asia. This global expansion also introduces enhanced data leakage prevention (DLP) and machine learning capabilities for documents written in native regional languages, such as German and Japanese. Furthermore, Aperture has added support for complete automation of policy violations, enabling our customers to remediate large volumes of risk with minimal overhead. 

Our integrated platform provides detailed SaaS visibility and granular control, data governance, automated risk remediation, and malware prevention, so organizations can achieve complete SaaS protection.

Deep Dive: Platform Approach to Enabling SaaS Adoption

Effective SaaS security cannot be achieved with layered point products. Learn how to solve the SaaS security problem with a platform approach, and get more details on the latest features in our Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform to elevate your SaaS Security posture.

Overview: Protect SaaS Apps With Next-Gen Security

This lightboard video delivers an overview of the key SaaS security requirements, including specific examples that showcase how our Next-Generation Security Platform offers complete SaaS control, based on users, content and applications.

Hands-on Demo: New SaaS Security Capabilities

Watch a detailed demo of new SaaS security capabilities in PAN-OS 8.0 and Aperture, including:

  • Enhanced SaaS visibility and reporting in PAN-OS 8.0
  • Creation of SaaS security policies for unsanctioned and sanctioned applications
  • Prevention of malware with WildFire integration
  • Automated Risk Remediation

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