Many GlobalProtect customers request stickers that they can apply to secured devices during their rollout. In order to simplify the process, we have produced print-ready artwork along with instructions on how to place your order directly with the sticker manufacturer.



The following artwork is print-ready for 1.5" x 1" stickers:

(click to download)

To Order

Our preferred vendor is StickerMule. To order the GlobalProtect sticker from StickerMule, just follow these steps:

1. From 'Select a Size', select 'Custom Size' and enter 1.5" x 1"

3. Select the quantity of stickers you want, then 'Continue'

4. Upload the sticker graphic file

5. Complete the order

Once you receive your stickers, we recommend that you slap them on all your secured devices. This will give your team confidence that they're protected, and will remind them to use good cybersecurity habits.