Palo Alto Networks Product Warranty


All Palo Alto Networks products are covered by a 90 day software and 12 month hardware warranty. To take advantage of our warranty related information and updates, we encourage you to register your products through our Palo Alto Networks Support Portal ( Details on your software and hardware warranty are outlined below.


Your Software Warranty

The standard warranty for software is 90 days. During the 90 day warranty period, you are entitled to all software updates (bug fixes, maintenance releases, and feature upgrades) for your particular software product. You can download the software updates through our software update portal embedded in your device web interface, or through the password-protected Palo Alto Networks support web site. You must create an account and register your device for access into the support portal.


Hardware Warranty

The standard warranty for our hardware is 12 months from the date of shipment by Palo Alto Networks. It is a 'return and repair' hardware service model. If an RMA is required during the 12 month period, we will work with you to confirm the hardware problem and issue an RMA number to be used when you ship the product to Palo Alto Networks.

You are responsible for all shipping costs incurred in returning the defective product. Products will be repaired or replaced within two weeks from receipt of the failed device. Palo Alto Networks will pay all shipping costs incurred in the shipment of the repaired or replaced product back to you, excluding any costs or fees associated with importation for shipments outside of the United States. If, however, Palo Alto Networks reasonably determines that the item is functional, you will pay all transportation costs. If the defective product returned is not covered by the terms of the warranty, or is out of warranty, then you are responsible for the cost of repair by Palo Alto Networks, including all shipping expenses.


Warranty Restrictions

The hardware and software warranties do not apply if the product:

  • Has been altered, except by an authorized Palo Alto Networks, Inc. employee or representative.
  • Has not been installed, operated, repaired, or maintained in accordance with the instructions supplied by Palo Alto Networks, Inc.
  • Has been subjected to unreasonable physical or electrical stress, misuse, negligence, accident, or damage caused by an Act of God.


Hardware Return Procedures

A defective item can only be returned if it references a return material authorization (RMA) number issued by authorized Palo Alto Networks support personnel. To request an RMA number, open a case with Palo Alto Networks Support.

Recommended Resources


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前回は Wiresharkの列表示のカスタマイズ方法について見ていきました。本稿では脅威インテリジェンスの調査上便利なフィルタリングの設定方法について説明します。


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Wireshark は無料で利用できるプロトコル アナライザです。 Wireshark を使うとネットワーク トラフィックをキャプチャしたり、キャプチャしたパケットを表示させることができます。そこでパロアルトネットワークスの脅威インテリジェンス調査チーム Unit42 に所属するアナリストが、Wireshark を使ってマルウェア検体が生成したトラフィックをレビューするさいに利用している便利な使いかたをご紹介していきます。


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2018年12月、Palo Alto Networks脅威インテリジェンス調査チームUnit 42のリサーチャーは進行中のキャンペーンを確認しました。このキャンペーンはホスピタリティセクタ、とくホテルの予約に重点を置いていました。


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悪意のある攻撃者は、ドメインネームサービス(DNS)をコマンド&コントロール(C2)用通信チャネルとして悪用してきました。またこのプロトコルはこのほかに、データを漏出させる目的でも悪用されてきました。DNS の悪用はC2に「ハートビート」接続のために通信するという用途からさらに広がっており、攻撃者はここ数年、悪意のあるデータやペイロードをDNS経由で被害者のシステムに侵入させる用途にもDNSを使っています。本稿では、DNSを悪用したデータ侵入・漏出の種類、方法、使用方法を紹介し、その防御メカニズムへの指針を示します。